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Matek 3 In 1 Buzzer Battery Monitor,Discovery Buzzer,Signal
Manufacturer: Matek

R 84.50
Shipping Weight: 70g
Product Description
Working voltage: 5.2-26V DC, 2-6Cells LiPo
Standby current less than 10mA
Working current, Max 120mA (blinking & beeping)
Voltage threshold setting: 3.4-3.7V/cell (Red LED)
Twin loud buzzers, 85db each
Ultrahigh Brightness LED, 20lm, 0.2w, Blue
Size: 20x30x6mm,
Weight: 7g
How to use
1. Battery monitor function (F1)
It can monitor 2-6S LiPo voltage status & notify you once the cells reach the defined voltage.
The voltage threshold of alarm & flash can be customized between 3.4V-3.7V/Cell.
1.1 If the LiPo voltage is in the range of following, The BM3in1 will detect the cell numbers automatically when the LiPo is connected.
 7.4-8.6V: 2cells LiPo
11.1-12.9V: 3cells LiPo
14.8-17.2V: 4cells LiPo
18.5-21.5V: 5cells LiPo
22.2-25.8V: 6cells LiPo
The BM3in1 will alarm “Be” & the voltage threshold red LED will be shown.
Hold the button 3 seconds to enter the setting of the voltage threshold.
Press button to set the alarm threshold between 3.4-3.7V/Cell(red LED) .
The value will be saved & exit if no action within 10 seconds.
During the using of LiPo, BM3in1 will detect the voltage always.
If the total voltage is below “threshold * cells”, the alarm & blink will be triggered with “Be..Be..Be……”
If the total voltage rise again, the alarm & blink will be suspended.
1.2 If the LiPo voltage is out of the aforesaid range. The BM3in1 will alarm “Be..Be..Be” & 4 red LEDs light. Pls check if the battery total voltage is below 3.7V*cells
2. Discovery buzzer function (F2)
It is easy to use the function, Just plug it in one Aux channel(e.g. Gear).
Move the toggle switch to one side or another side, the BM3in1 will alarm “BeBeBeBeBe” & blue LED blink.
3. Signal loss alarm function (F3)
It can warn you if you turn off the transmitter first by mistake, if you have trouble finding a model in the long grass…
Turn on the transmitter first. Hook BM3in1 to the receiver THRO channel, then plug battery into model. It will detect the loss of TX signal, and emit a loud alarm “BeBe…BeBe…BeBe…” & the blue LED blink.
RX power on, the alarm & blink will be triggered as following
Turn off the transmitter first. and keep one minute.
The radio power on, but no action of stick or no signal change within one minute.

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