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20CM Servo Lead (JR) 32AWG Ultra Light
Price: R  7.81
Stock: 39
Reciever/System Switch
Price: R  77.36
Stock: 4
325mm Carbon Fiber Main Blades - W/B
Price: R  118.14
Stock: 0
Battery Powered Hot Glue Gun
Price: R  88.75
Stock: 0
HK450V2 Bearing (3x8x3mm) (x4)
Price: R  33.10
Stock: 0
HK-450 Carbon Fiber horizontal/vertical tail fin
Price: R  81.20
Stock: 1
HK Edge 540 V3 (Red/White) 3D 1200mm
Price: R  1711.13
Stock: 1
HK450V2 Linkage Rod Set
Price: R  59.46
Stock: 2
D933MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 2.0kg/ 12g/ 0.10se
Price: R  168.42
Stock: 4
JM 6x4 /152.5x102mm propeller
Price: R  27.18
Stock: 1
ALZRC 450 SDC CCPM Metal Swashplate
Price: R  329.52
Stock: 2
Prop Saver w/ Band 2mm
Price: R  8.79
Stock: 12
Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv
Price: R  211.07
Stock: 1
Turnigy 5A (8-26v) SBEC for Lipo
Price: R  92.72
Stock: 0
HK-500GT Tail Boom
Price: R  60.52
Stock: 3
ZIPPY Compact 1300mAh 2S 25C Lipo Pack
Price: R  127.31
Stock: 2
HK-250GT Metal Tail Boom Holder
Price: R  99.28
Stock: 1
Strong Rare-earth Magnets (2pcs/set)
Price: R  13.27
Stock: 0
ALZRC - Devil Ex3 Fiberglass Canopy-G 450PRO
Price: R  177.33
Stock: 0
Turnigy Battery Charge Marker (10pcs/bag)
Price: R  50.77
Stock: 0
 SF E-Prop 9x7.5 / 229x190.5mm w/ Adapters Black 
   R12.82      Out of Stock
  Manufacturer: Haoye
  Product code: SF-9x7.5
  Specifications: Shipping Weight:   13 g  
  SF E-Prop 9x7.5 / 229x190.5mm w/ Adapters Black
Propeller for Slow Fly Generally used for brushless outrunners. Well balanced and made from high impact resin polymer.
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 R 16.46  
 R 18.32  
 R 17.27  
 R 24.38  
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Twisted 60CM Servo Lead Extention (Futaba) 22AWG
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