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2212 900KV Brushless motor FPV CW
Price: R  210.85
Stock: 4
Turnigy Battery Charge Marker (10pcs/bag)
Price: R  50.77
Stock: 0
Red Swan Laser Cut Balsa KIT 1250mm (Kit)
Price: R  567.70
Stock: 0
Base Plate 450-size
Price: R  18.26
Stock: 0
WL Toys V929 Lipo Battery for V929 (3.7v)
Price: R  85.00
Stock: 2
3.17mm Copper Motor Pinion Helical Gear 12T
Price: R  52.26
Stock: 1
HK-500GT Tail Drive Gear Shaft (Align part # H5003
Price: R  41.08
Stock: 3
450 class Carbon Fiber Main Blades 325mm
Price: R  147.82
Stock: 0
ALZRC 450 SDC CCPM Metal Swashplate
Price: R  329.52
Stock: 1
Landing Gear Wheel Stop Set Collar 6x2.1mm
Price: R  3.68
Stock: 18
Nose Art - Miss Molly (L/R sided)
Price: R  27.34
Stock: 1
TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller
Price: R  393.66
Stock: 5
Slow Fly Prop 8x6SF w/ shaft adapters
Price: R  15.62
Stock: 1
250GT Metal Wash-out Base
Price: R  34.70
Stock: 2
APC style propeller 12x6-E
Price: R  33.46
Stock: 0
Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set x 2 for ALZ/T-Rex
Price: R  101.16
Stock: 2
APC style propeller 11x5.5-E
Price: R  36.99
Stock: 1
TURNIGY TRUST 45A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller
Price: R  333.89
Stock: 4
Fiberglass Canopy for Trex-250 - YR
Price: R  88.04
Stock: 0
RotorStar Digital Pitch Gauge for Helicopters
Price: R  326.78
Stock: 0
 SF E-Prop 9x7.5 / 229x190.5mm w/ Adapters Black 
   R17.46      QTY in Stock:  10
  Manufacturer: Haoye
  Product code: SF-9x7.5
  Specifications: Shipping Weight:   13 g  
  SF E-Prop 9x7.5 / 229x190.5mm w/ Adapters Black
   More Propellers   
 R 20.48  
 R 38.04  
 R 20.34  
 R 18.83  
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2212 900KV Brushless motor FPV CW
Price: R 210.85 
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