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Wing Skids 28x10x12mm
Price: R  2.68
Stock: 5
Corona DS919MG M-Gear Servo 1.7kg/ 12.5g/ 0.06se
Price: R  107.33
Stock: 0
TURNIGY Transmitter Neck Strap
Price: R  49.76
Stock: 0
On-Board LED RX Voltage Display
Price: R  45.91
Stock: 0
HK-250GT Timing Belt
Price: R  29.35
Stock: 1
VS-11 Vigor Extra Large Servo .19sec / 19kg / 103g
Price: R  169.37
Stock: 6
Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 10AWG (500mm) RED
Price: R  31.91
Stock: 0
Turnigy L2855-2100 EDF Outrunner (900w)
Price: R  223.59
Stock: 2
Turnigy LED Servo Tester for 4 Servo\'s
Price: R  152.00
Stock: 3
HBX 1:10 Bonzer 51820 Parts
Price: R  125.74
Stock: 0
X-BLADE Spare SK-5 Steel blades (10pcs/set)
Price: R  29.74
Stock: 0
Digital Pitch Gauge
Price: R  152.74
Stock: 2
450 class Carbon Fiber Main Blades 325mm
Price: R  147.82
Stock: 1
Stainless Main Shaft for ALZ/T-Rex 450PRO (2)
Price: R  83.93
Stock: 2
HK-500GT Main Shaft
Price: R  67.23
Stock: 3
HK-500GT Stabilizer Blade
Price: R  37.00
Stock: 0
HXT 4mm Gold Connector w/ Protector (1pair)
Price: R  10.56
Stock: 33
F450 Quadcopter PNF KIT
Price: R  1571.55
Stock: 5
Hesper-1 3D EPP - Unbreakable (KIT)
Price: R  604.99
Stock: 1
A2212/13T - 1000KV Brushless Motor
Price: R  123.80
Stock: 0
 SF E-Prop 9x7.5 / 229x190.5mm w/ Adapters Black 
   R17.46      QTY in Stock:  10
  Manufacturer: Haoye
  Product code: SF-9x7.5
  Specifications: Shipping Weight:   13 g  
  SF E-Prop 9x7.5 / 229x190.5mm w/ Adapters Black
Propeller for Slow Fly Generally used for brushless outrunners. Well balanced and made from high impact resin polymer.
   More Propellers   
 R 24.68  
 R 10.29  
 R 48.94  
 R 27.18  
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