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45CM Servo Lead Extension (JR) 26AWG
Price: R  15.70
Stock: 48
Torque Tube for ALZ/T-Rex 450PRO
Price: R  123.87
Stock: 2
HK-500GT 3D Electric Helicopter Kit (incl. blades
Price: R  1392.00
Stock: 0
Turnigy 3D-H 3-Axis Flybarless Helicopter Control
Price: R  819.93
Stock: 2
F450 Flame wheel (PCB Version)
Price: R  343.10
Stock: 5
3 Blade EP Propeller 8x6 / 204x178mm
Price: R  26.43
Stock: 0
Nose Art - Chalies Heavy (L/R sided)
Price: R  28.26
Stock: 2
HK450V2 Screws
Price: R  51.42
Stock: 0
ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh 6S1P 40C
Price: R  718.06
Stock: 0
Nylon T-Connectors 1 Pair
Price: R  10.07
Stock: 15
3cm Male to Male Servo Lead 26AWG
Price: R  8.40
Stock: 6
HK-250GT Main Gear Assembly
Price: R  57.09
Stock: 5
Heli Canopy Rubber Grommet Small (6pcs/bag)
Price: R  8.05
Stock: 2
HK-250GT Electric Helicopter Kit
Price: R  698.00
Stock: 0
Light Foam Wheel (Diam: 55, Width: 10mm)
Price: R  10.26
Stock: 0
OrangeRx Satellite Receiver
Price: R  176.94
Stock: 0
HK450V2 Landing Skid
Price: R  36.98
Stock: 5
HK-250GT CF Horizontal/Vertical Tail Fin
Price: R  61.38
Stock: 2
Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 14AWG (1mtr) RED
Price: R  36.81
Stock: 0
Bearing for Main shaft - 450 size (4 x bearings)
Price: R  32.18
Stock: 0

 R 146.64
 QTY in Stock:  1

 Shipping Weight:  105g

ALZRC 700 New CCPM Swashplate Leveller

 R 41.51
 QTY in Stock:  7

 Shipping Weight:  18g

HK450V2 Wash-Out Base

 R 8.79
 QTY in Stock:  12

 Shipping Weight:  3g

Prop Saver w/ Band 2mm

 R 31.38
 QTY in Stock:  5

 Shipping Weight:  12g

450 Size Heli Servo Mounting Parts
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