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Model Aircraft Stand (small)
Price: R  142.00
Stock: 1
HK450V2 Main Gear Set (x3)
Price: R  86.68
Stock: 0
HK-500GT Metal Stabilizer Control Arm Set (Align p
Price: R  108.70
Stock: 1
HK-250GT Tail Drive Gear Shaft (2pcs/set)
Price: R  29.90
Stock: 2
Master Airscrew propeller 6x3
Price: R  21.47
Stock: 0
3x50mm Sockethead Screw (10pcs/pack)
Price: R  45.94
Stock: 2
Hesper-1 3D EPP - Unbreakable (KIT)
Price: R  604.99
Stock: 1
Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch
Price: R  123.74
Stock: 1
Red Brick 30A ESC
Price: R  146.97
Stock: 5
HK-500GT Landing Skid (Align part # H50122)
Price: R  57.38
Stock: 3
Red Brick 70A ESC
Price: R  308.51
Stock: 2
HK-500GT Alloy tail rotor grip (Align part # H5011
Price: R  104.30
Stock: 1
Futaba Y Servo Lead 30cm Length
Price: R  25.16
Stock: 5
OrangeRx R615X Spektrum/JR DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6C
Price: R  151.08
Stock: 13
5.6mm x 15mm M3 Nylon Tapped Spacer (5pc)
Price: R  18.76
Stock: 2
Torque Tube for ALZ/T-Rex 450PRO
Price: R  123.87
Stock: 2
HK® ™ Flybeam Night Flyer EPP w/LED System (PNF)
Price: R  2365.92
Stock: 0
APC style propeller 13x4-E
Price: R  38.04
Stock: 5
HK 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro
Price: R  207.07
Stock: 1
Nose Art - goin my way (L/R sided)
Price: R  26.98
Stock: 0

 R 72.98
 QTY in Stock:  1

 Shipping Weight:  13g

HK-250GT Tail Rotor Control Set

 R 22.19
 QTY in Stock:  5

 Shipping Weight:  15g

APC style propeller 8x6-E

 R 99.50
 QTY in Stock:  2

 Shipping Weight:  25g

Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Blue (DIY)

 R 77.36
 QTY in Stock:  2

 Shipping Weight:  25g

Reciever/System Switch
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