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6mm M3 Hex Nylon Standoff Spacer Screw Nuts (6pcs)
Price: R  14.14
Stock: 2
Turnigy Rubber Handle Torx 6 Piece Driver Set w/ C
Price: R  470.00
Stock: 1
High-end Hex Socket Driver Set
Price: R  168.28
Stock: 0
90 Degree Pin Header 3 Row 30 Pin 2.54mm Pitch
Price: R  14.02
Stock: 0
GT450PRO Main Shaft (118x5mm) 2pcs
Price: R  67.50
Stock: 3
Carbon Fiber Landing Skid Set for T-Rex 500 Helico
Price: R  136.01
Stock: 0
HK-500GT Landing Skid (Align part # H50122)
Price: R  57.38
Stock: 0
Servo Terminals (JR) Gold Plated (10pairs/set)
Price: R  68.62
Stock: 2
Sunbird Electric Glider Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1600mm
Price: R  849.51
Stock: 1
Scorpion M-2204-2300KV Brushless Motors x 2
Price: R  665.00
Stock: 4
QAV-R 220 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit
Price: R  585.63
Stock: 2
HK450V2 Screws
Price: R  51.99
Stock: 0
HK450V2 Feathering Shaft Set (4) (41x4mmxM2)
Price: R  66.10
Stock: 6
General Velcro Set 30CM x 2CM - YELLOW
Price: R  15.90
Stock: 4
HK-250GT Metal Main Rotor Head set
Price: R  86.24
Stock: 4
Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm(1-8S)
Price: R  85.58
Stock: 2
ZMR250 4mm Carbon Fiber Arm
Price: R  52.04
Stock: 30
RotorStar 80A (2~6S) SBEC Brushless Speed
Price: R  635.98
Stock: 1
Micro TF Card Reader(USB2.0) + 4GB Micro SD
Price: R  75.64
Stock: 2
HK450V2 Bearing (3x8x3mm) (x4)
Price: R  33.10
Stock: 0


 R 32.55
 QTY in Stock:  5

 Shipping Weight:  13g

HK450V2 Canopy Spinner
 Camera Gimbals 

 R 969.68
 QTY in Stock:  4

 Shipping Weight:  460g

BGC 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal w/ Controller (B)

 R 12.10
 QTY in Stock:  12

 Shipping Weight:  1g

Strong Rare-Earth Button Magnets (2pcs/set)

 R 71.82
 QTY in Stock:  1

 Shipping Weight:  17g

HK450V2 Flybar Seesaw Hub

 R 29.56
 QTY in Stock:  2

 Shipping Weight:  26g

GWS HD9050 3 Blade Prop

 R 275.56
 QTY in Stock:  2

 Shipping Weight:  120g

F550 Frame with Integrated PCB
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Hobby 45mm Retractable Deluxe Rotary Cutter
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Spare Blades for Rotary Cutter (3pcs)
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Covering Film Transparent Yellow (5mtr) 203
Price: R 246.85 
Covering Film Solid Jacinth (5mtr) 118
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Covering Film Solid Black (5mtr) 114
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Covering Film Solid Sky-Blue (5mtr) 109
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