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XT60 Connectors Male/Female
Price: R  19.65
Stock: 0
Turnigy L2855-2100 EDF Outrunner (900w)
Price: R  223.59
Stock: 0
3.17mm Prop Saver w/ Adapter & 3 bands
Price: R  30.22
Stock: 0
ALZRC Devil 450 SDC Main Rotor Head Upgrade Set
Price: R  515.92
Stock: 0
Control Horns 13.5x16mm
Price: R  3.08
Stock: 0
Female JST Battery Pigtail 10cm Length
Price: R  7.44
Stock: 130
RS2205 Bearing Spare part
Price: R  51.92
Stock: 8
BGC 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal w/ Controller (B)
Price: R  995.35
Stock: 0
TP Slow Fly propeller 8x3.8
Price: R  28.93
Stock: 0
2204 Brushless Motor Nuts CW
Price: R  13.86
Stock: 2
HK-500GT Linkage Rod (Align part # H50091 - H50054
Price: R  60.95
Stock: 4
10cm 1 Male to 3 Male wire cable connector
Price: R  10.26
Stock: 2
APC style propeller 14x7-E
Price: R  49.48
Stock: 2
Curved ball link pliers 5mm
Price: R  115.17
Stock: 1
Aomway 5.8G 32CH Receiver Built In Video Recoder
Price: R  1175.23
Stock: 0
10cm SMA Plug to SMA Jack Cable
Price: R  88.95
Stock: 0
Afro Race Spec Mini 20Amp Multi-Rotor ESC
Price: R  241.63
Stock: 8
Mini Ublox 7 NZ GPS for NAZE32
Price: R  200.71
Stock: 2
EMax RS2205 Nuts - CCW - Silver
Price: R  9.85
Stock: 95
Power Distribution Board for Quadcopter
Price: R  50.00
Stock: 4

 Flight Controllers 

 R 685.26
 QTY in Stock:  1

 Shipping Weight:  50g

KISS FC - 32bit Flight Controller V1.03

 R 732.41
 QTY in Stock:  5

 Shipping Weight:  850g

F550 Hexacopter (PCB version)

 R 70.64
 QTY in Stock:  4

 Shipping Weight:  150g

KINGKONG Motor Cover Protection - 22 Series Green

 R 20.74
 QTY in Stock:  10

 Shipping Weight:  10g

Flight Control Board Nylon Mounting Kit -18mm

 R 36.00
 QTY in Stock:  1

 Shipping Weight:  13g

5.6mm x 10mm M3 Nylon Tapped Spacer (10pc)

 R 17.02
 QTY in Stock:  2

 Shipping Weight:  5g

Turnigy 3mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (500mm)
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KISS FC - 32bit Flight Controller V1.03
Price: R 685.26 
KISS ESC 2-6S 30A (also 3D capable)
Price: R 473.04 
KISS ESC 2-5S 24A race edition - 32bit brushless
Price: R 437.66 
5.8G Cloverleaf TBS Triumph Antenna SMA
Price: R 385.00 
DYS XS 20A 3-4s Lipo BLheli_S ESC Electronic Speed
Price: R 195.20 
Bluesky Mini 5V 3A FPV UBEC
Price: R 67.40 
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